One may ask what is risk and who is a risk taker? Risk is an venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury and Risk taker is a person who is willing to do things that involve danger or risk in order to achieve a goal.

Most people fear of loosing their job or being wrong when it comes to risk taking,don’t let fear take control over your decision making. Taking risk is when you experiment with a new behavior, it can be healthy and positive way to test your limits and abilities. Taking risk isn’t easy,but if it allows you to experience the life God desire for you,it will always be worth it.Be brave,take risk,nothing can substitute experience.

When we stop taking risks, we stop living life. Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.To win without risk is to triumph without glory.One may ask why should I take risk? Life is all about taking risk,if you are not ready to take risk then you will never know what you are capable of. Taking risk builds your potentials,abilities and also helps you to learn new skills and experience new things (including; work, studies and relationship).

Qualities of Risk averse has short term concern,fear of failure, culture of routine and control, apprehension and complacent. Qualities of risk taker are;long term concern, vision of opportunity, creativity and innovation, confidence and seek learning growth.

Risk taking helps you to be more independent and responsible for your life,take risk,if you win you will be happy,and if you loose you will become wise.Be a risk taker for more progress in life..

You add your thought and ask any question thank you..


Do It As No One’s business


Working harder with much effort and not being recognized hurts,but that doesn’t have to discourage you..Keep pushing,aim higher dig deeper; put in your all.

Never quit! You’re born to be a winner.. As the saying goes winner’s never quit…Don’t look back,look straight.. Do it as if you are the only person on earth never force people to recognize you..

Believe in yourself and keep the fire burning.. No matter how people turn away from you never lay off..

Claim with pain,determination and perseverance and when you finally reach the top, they will turn back and appreciate your work.

And all the pain you felt at the start will be their motivational message..that’s where they will come to you for encouragement and You will be their hero..


Why should You underestimate yourself?

Exif_JPEG_420You are who you want to become.. Your thinking and action  determine what you will become in future.. What makes you think you can’t build a bright future? Never look down on your abilities.. You are capable of anything..

Is it because you are not a business expert or a top class student you think you can’t make it in life; you can go way further than you ever thought, You are special and  genius, yes you are ;

You are wonderful in your own way and you can do anything unless you don’t wanna do it..You gifted with a special thinking …you an extraordinary thinker,never look down on yourself,  always be positive and try new idea..

Work towards your dreams and you will surely make it..Be bold,brave and a risk taker..Be willing to try new things..

Always remember everything will be under your feet with just a step..Never underestimate yourself!!

Silence Kills And Reliefs

Silence is eternity and powerful.Being silence can make you have a clear mind, be thoughtful and it can also make sad, selfish and gives you pain.

In relationships, being it family, marriage and friendship silence is a key factor.. Probably nowadays many people engage themselves in talking, playing games, watching television, going out with friends or love ones and many others that’s good but  have you ever make time for a little silence hour? Silence give you time for yourself, it makes you think what to do or what you do with yourself and think of others feelings. Being silence in an argument makes you choose your words carefully in order not to say spiteful words that may hurt one’s feelings.

Is not necessary for you to speak out to express your feelings or pain to someone, silence speak volumes without even saying a word. Silence in a relationship gives time away to settle out our difference’s and think of each others feelings and strengthens our bond.Sometimes silence speaks more than words all they need is a tight hug from us for them to feel energy connection.

At times silence in relationship kills,there are times what they need is just a simple word from us;you’re going to be OK, you can do it,I’m proud of you, I love you and many others just for them to know you get their back,saying spiteful words hurts be silence kills when they really want you to say a word. And also it is better to speak or share serious matters than being silence and hiding them,it breaks their heart finding it from someone else instead of you, this ruin our relationship. So never keep silence about important issues from your parents, husband/wife and friends or you will find yourself in a difficult situation and you will regret not telling anyone.. It is best to relief yourself from stress and depression..

Are you going to be silence or voice out? Choose carefully.


Placeholder ImageDo you still doesnt know who you are? Are you trying to figure out the real you or you’re trying to pretend to be someone else…?

Your happiness,Sadness,Pride,Attitude,Self-esteem or any emotional, physical or psychology feelings and emotions really depends on who you are… Never try to be someone else Never!! By doing so you are killing the light in you..

Who told you that friend or that Person you are trying or pretending to be like is more beautiful, attractive or capable that you are, Is a LIE! You are more beautiful, attractive and capable than him or her..Never look down on Yourself but rather be proud of yourself.. You are “SPECIAL” than you ever thought of.. Believe in yourself that you are beautiful yes you are.. Beauty is all about being yourself,walking with confidence and shoulders high,Speaking with boldness and without fear..

Many people thinks they are nobody without others complimenting them,recognizing them,giving them ideas before they take any decisions regarding their future(Life)..WHY? That’s not how it should be, you are unique and brave and you can be a better person without someone telling you what to do.. You can act on your own..

Do what you are good at and what makes you not rely on peoples thoughts, and don’t force people to admire you by doing what they except you to yourself do your own thing and the happiness within you,the smiles on your face and the atmosphere of excitement around you by doing what makes you happy,taking your own decisions and believing and being yourself will drag people to you..  THAT’S WHO YOU REALLY ARE..

If you need any help don’t forget am always there.