Placeholder ImageDo you still doesnt know who you are? Are you trying to figure out the real you or you’re trying to pretend to be someone else…?

Your happiness,Sadness,Pride,Attitude,Self-esteem or any emotional, physical or psychology feelings and emotions really depends on who you are… Never try to be someone else Never!! By doing so you are killing the light in you..

Who told you that friend or that Person you are trying or pretending to be like is more beautiful, attractive or capable that you are, Is a LIE! You are more beautiful, attractive and capable than him or her..Never look down on Yourself but rather be proud of yourself.. You are “SPECIAL” than you ever thought of.. Believe in yourself that you are beautiful yes you are.. Beauty is all about being yourself,walking with confidence and shoulders high,Speaking with boldness and without fear..

Many people thinks they are nobody without others complimenting them,recognizing them,giving them ideas before they take any decisions regarding their future(Life)..WHY? That’s not how it should be, you are unique and brave and you can be a better person without someone telling you what to do.. You can act on your own..

Do what you are good at and what makes you not rely on peoples thoughts, and don’t force people to admire you by doing what they except you to yourself do your own thing and the happiness within you,the smiles on your face and the atmosphere of excitement around you by doing what makes you happy,taking your own decisions and believing and being yourself will drag people to you..  THAT’S WHO YOU REALLY ARE..

If you need any help don’t forget am always there.


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